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RenMind Cable

RenMind’s suite of marketing tools go way beyond individual company accounts. RenMind Cable was designed and built to manage networks of 100’s of integrated accounts. Account managers can scale up and down resources, pass along usage costs or even resell our software to the companies or departments in your network. Our Cable Accounts help manage the unique needs of many types businesses models including franchisors, manufacturers, associations, marketing agencies and municipalities. You can keep track of statistical data, manage company accounts and resources, even add additional administrative users from your single sign-on.

With a RenMind Cable account you'll have the ability to brand your network, manage libraries of content, post on the behalf of your entire network or a single company. RenMind has a team of professionals that can help you deliver  support or streamline your marketing efforts for any part of the process, no matter what the scale is. We believe in rewarding our Cable members with continually added and updated scalable apps, just for participating.

Trust RenMind to design and build the ideal network solution for you.


  • Setup multiple brands / domain names
  • Manage multiple accounts from one login
  • Get metrics about messages across your network
  • Post promotions, articles, news, contests and more on behalf of your network
  • Gather feedback and get insights into network