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RenMind Wire

RenMind Wire was designed to serve as a digital marketing platform. Wire provides a constant connection between a company and its individual contacts. The goal is to make it simple for companies to send messages that build trust and near 1-to-1 communication feel by practicing customer empathy with thoughtful communication.


RenMind Wire acts like the center of your marketing universe, one place for your contacts and communication.

  1. Publish - Publish all your content in one central location from articles, videos and news to reviews, coupons and contests.
  2. Promote - Extend your reach by promoting what you publish on your social media channels and through mass email.
  3. Capture - Capture leads through calls to action on your content, through custom landing pages and with every coupon and contest you promote.
  4. Analyze - Look through your email statistics and other metrics to find opportunities to refine and improve the messages that work for you, based on direct numbers.
  5. Repeat - This process is a continuous cycle that will produce better content and more leads over time. It is the center of a funnel you are creating to drive business in your doors.


  • Build a central contact list Get around mass email limits and common delivery problems
  • Get metrics about your messages
  • Post promotions, articles, news, contests and more to promote your business
  • Automatically capture more contacts, through landing pages and built in forms like coupons and contests
  • Gather feedback and get insights into your business operations