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A Renaissance of Creative Services

A revolution is coming, it's taking shape just around the corner. The buds of a creative, service based economy are starting to show. Entrepreneurs are forging into new spaces, creating ways to help others who would gladly pay for valuable information, insight, experiences, expertise and everything in between. We think of it as a new creative renaissance. A network of creative minds with ideas, strategies, messages and stories connected in the cloud, just waiting to re-mold society through communication and commerce.

The status quo represents the largest, most established players who use their abundant resources to amplify their message. We think that a software plus service model can democratize the costs of quality communication so that every start-up can start up. We think we can make one-to-many communication, feel like one-to-one communication with our creative tools and skills. We can enable creative people to change the fabric of our world by sharing messages and personal vision about how they would make society better one customer at a time. In the future, the best ideas win. These ideas are built on, and improved by aspiring entrepreneurs.

If the question is, "How do I get others excited about my services?" the answer is "RenMind".

Will you join us?